Friday, 15 February 2013

12th February My Project: Minimalistic Monochrome

For my own university project we had a brief in what we had to relate our project to, however it was really wide. I decided to base mine on S/S13 as a starting point after researching and testing I decided to go for minimaliam as it's a huge trend this season and can be very affective within photography in which my photographer was the amazing Louisa Rogers. I wanted the styling to be graphic stripes and check monochrome with very natural and simplistic make up and hair to emphasise the models natural features. Here's how it turned out :)

5th February Freelance Anai Bharucha

My first university freelance photoshoot, wow I was so nervous the night before I could barely sleep! But all went  well and I really enjoyed myself. Anai's photoshoot was based on the icon Amelia Earhart the first female pilot and she had to create three different looks: Street, Lounge, Celebration, Wedding and Work. It was a really long day but definitely worth it! 






Swinging 60's Era

It's been a while since I've blogged my work, been so caught up with uni, work and other freelance projects just haven't had the time to upload! But am going to Bosh them all out now :D

We continued our Era test work in university onto 1960's a huge make up and hair inspired era which is also a major trend with this years S/S13 collections. I looked into 60's icons like Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Julie Driscoll and Jane Burkin as some inspiration. Looking at the main trend of the 1960's which was the eye crease from the 1930's which was repeated in the 60's and thick fake bottom and top eyelashes.

Penelope Tree


Hunger Magazine

Elle Magazine

Test Work

The most iconic hairstyle from the 1960's is the beehive, being worn by many icons of the 1960's The Ronettes and Bridget Bardot and then more recently Amy Winehouse known for her extreme version of the beehive.

The Ronettes

Bridget Bardot

Test Work

Sunday, 27 January 2013

1940's Era

The most famous style icon from the 1940's is Marilyn Monroe, as she came into the light with her iconic classic red lip, feline eyeliner that flatters everyone and this is where a natural arch on the eyebrow started to come back into fashion again rather than the unflattering rounded eyebrow of the 30's. Her Make Up artist Alan Snyder "Whitey" knew all the tricks in the book in the era, from contouring to creating her voluptuous 3D lips. 

Marilyn Monroe

In Hair Styling we created a classic peeka boo style that Marilyn Monroe used to wear as well as current icons like Dita Von Teese. 

1930's Inspired Make Up and Hair Styling

As we're continuing through the 20th Century era's we continued onto the 1930's. As seen in Michael Kor's Spring Summer 2013 collection on the runway we have seen the socket line which was a tradition in the 1930's to relocate the eye socket. 

Michael Kors S/S13 ^

My Interpretations

In our Hair Styling session we continued to with 1930's inspired hair the afro style using figure of 8 curls.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Graphic Smokey Eye

Whenever I do a smokey eye I normally create a more graphic edge, I also feel that mixing in silver eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes and blending out towards the black creates a really eyeopening eye make up even though it's a black smokey eye that can often make some eye shapes seem really small. With my models green eyes the silver naturally opens up the eyes and makes her eye colour luminous and colour popping! Looks fabulous especially on Green and Blue eyes.

1920's Inspired

Today we were creating make up and hair looks from the 1920's era. It was a very interesting a challenging lesson in make up to get the curves of the shapes right with the features but overall a eye opener and enjoyable. I was pleased with the results of my make up application and adapted quickly to the Marcel wave technique. Will definitely consider this era for my term 2 project!! 

Make Up References:

Betty Davis

Clara Bow

My 1920's Interpretation

Hair Styles: Marcel Waves

Melissa George

January Jones

My Marcel Waves

Traditional Marcel Waves

Back combed Marcel Waves